Linux Multi Domain Budget Hosting with cPanel

Create addon domains in Linux Hosting. Addon domains allow you to host multiple websites on a single cPanel account. That makes your work easy & smooth.

Unite your Domains

with Our linux Multi Hosting offers a range of Linux Multi Domain Budget Hosting plans. Multi-domain Linux hosting. Refers to a web hosting package that allows you to host multiple domains or websites on a single hosting account. which is known for its stability and security.



Multiple Domain Hosting

This is the core feature where you can host several domains under a single hosting account. This is ideal for businesses or individuals who manage multiple websites.

Adequate Disk Space and Bandwidth

Multi-domain hosting usually comes with generous allocations of disk space and bandwidth. support the needs of multiple websites.

cPanel or Web-Based Control Panel

A user-friendly control panel like cPanel is often included, which allows you to manage all your domains, websites, emails, and other hosting-related features from a single interface.

Email Hosting

You can create multiple email accounts for each domain. This is particularly useful for businesses that require separate email addresses for different departments or services.

One-Click Installers

These services typically come with one-click installers like Softaculous, which make it easy to install and manage web applications like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal across multiple domains.

Support and Security Features

Reliable customer support is crucial, especially when managing multiple domains. Security features like SSL certificates, regular backups,

Why Choose

We often provides cost-effective multi-domain hosting plans.


Multi-domain hosting simplifies the management of your websites by providing a single control panel or dashboard for all your domains.

Scalability typically offers scalable hosting solutions,

Customer Support

Reputable hosting providers like often provide responsive customer support.

Performance may offer robust server infrastructure and reliable uptime.


Multi-domain Hosting plans often come with security features like SSL certificates, firewalls, and regular backups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-domain hosting, also known as multiple domain hosting or shared hosting, is a web hosting service that allows you to host multiple websites or domains on a single hosting account.
The number of domains you can host on a multi-domain hosting plan varies depending on the hosting provider and the specific plan you choose. Some plans may allow you to host a few domains, while others may offer unlimited domain hosting.
Yes, multi-domain hosting plans may come with limitations, such as limited server resources (e.g., bandwidth and disk space) shared among all hosted domains. Additionally, the performance of your websites may be affected.
Yes, you can manage each domain separately using the control panel provided by your hosting provider. This allows you to set up individual email accounts, databases, and website settings for each domain,
Multi-domain hosting is usually more cost-effective than purchasing separate hosting plans for each domain. You can manage all your websites from one central control panel, simplifying administrative tasks.

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