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Plan Name Email IDs Total Space Webmail POP3 IMAP SMTP Mobile
E4 Unlimited 10 GB SmarterMail Rs. 1000 Per Year Order Now
E5 Unlimited 25 GB SmarterMail Rs. 2000 Per year Order Now
E6 Unlimited 50 GB SmarterMail Rs. 3500 Per year Order Now
E7 Unlimited 75 GB SmarterMail Rs. 5250 Per year Order Now
E8 Unlimited 100 GB SmarterMail Rs. 7000 Per Year Order Now
E9 Unlimited 150 GB SmarterMail Rs. 10500 Per Year Order Now
E10 Unlimited 200 GB SmarterMail Rs. 14000 Per Year Order Now

RPremium Email

Hosting For Professional Success

Email hosting provided by offers a professional, reliable service. and a secure way for businesses and individuals to manage their email communications. Utilizing their own domain name, users enjoy a more professional environment. ensures robust security measures to protect against spam and data breaches. along with reliable uptime and dedicated customer support.



Custom Domain Names

One of the primary benefits is the ability to have a branded email address.


Providers offer varying amounts of storage space for emails and attachments.


This includes spam filters, virus protection, and other features to protect your email communications.

Access Options

Webmail interface, POP3, and IMAP access are standard. This means you can access your email from different devices and email clients.

Archiving and Backup

Some services offer archiving services, which can be crucial for businesses for record-keeping and compliance.

DNS Configuration

Involves configuring MX records to direct your domain's email to your hosting provider.

Why Choose


A custom email address using your domain looks more professional.


Paid services often guarantee uptime, ensuring email services are always available.


Dedicated support can be crucial for businesses if email issues arise.


Pricing varies widely depending on storage, number of users, and additional features.


The ability to add more accounts as your business grows.

Security and Compliance

For businesses in regulated industries, compliance with standards like HIPAA may be necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Email hosting is a service that provides email accounts and manages email servers for businesses or individuals. Unlike free email services, it often allows users to have email addresses with custom domain names
Unlike free email services like Gmail or Yahoo, email hosting services offer a custom domain name, enhanced security, greater control over settings, and often no advertising. They're also more reliable and provide dedicated customer support, which is crucial for businesses.
Paid email hosting offers professionalism with custom domain emails, greater reliability, better security with advanced protection features, dedicated support, and larger storage capacity. It's essential for businesses wanting to establish a professional online presence.
Yes, one of the primary benefits of email hosting is the ability to use a custom domain name for your email addresses. This requires domain registration and DNS configuration to point to your email hosting provider.
Setting up email hosting involves selecting a provider, creating your email accounts, and configuring DNS settings (like MX records) to direct your domain's email traffic to your hosting provider. Most providers offer step-by-step guides for setup and configuration.

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