Windows VPS

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Plans No. of Core SSD RAM Bandwidth/Mo Dedicated IP'S Price Windows
Windows Basic 1 Core 25GB 2GB 200GB 1 Rs. 849 /mo Order Now
Windows Standard 2 Core 40GB 4GB 400GB 1 Rs. 1099 /mo Order Now
Windows Business 2 Core 60GB 6GB 500GB 1 Rs. 1499 /mo Order Now
Windows Premium 2 Core 80GB 8GB 500GB 1 Rs. 2199 /mo Order Now
Windows Elite 4 Core 100GB 12GB 750GB 1 Rs. 2999 /mo Order Now

Windows VPS

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A Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a hosting solution where a server runs the Windows operating system. partitioned into many virtual servers, each operating and with dedicated resources. It's particularly useful for businesses and individuals who rely on Windows-specific applications. A Windows VPS is a versatile hosting solution, catering to a wide range of hosting needs while offering.



Windows Operating System

Runs on Microsoft Windows, providing a familiar interface for users accustomed to Windows products. Compatibility with Windows-specific applications and software.

Remote Desktop Access

Allows users to connect to their VPS remote, offering a desktop experience and easy management of the server.

Dedicated Resources

Allocated CPU, RAM, and storage, ensuring consistent performance and reliability, much like a dedicated server.


Each VPS is isolated, enhancing security and minimizing the risk of cross-contamination between servers. Regular Windows updates and security patches.

Administrative Control

Full administrative access allows for complete control over the server, including software installations and configuration changes.

Backups and Data Protection

Features like automated backups and snapshot capabilities to ensure data protection and easy recovery.

Why Choose

Windows-Specific Application Compatibility

Ideal for businesses and individuals who rely on Windows-based applications and software, ensuring smooth operation and compatibility.

Enhanced Performance and Reliability

High-quality hardware, including SSD storage, ensures fast and reliable performance for hosting critical applications and websites.

Advanced Security Features

Robust security measures, including regular Windows updates, firewalls, and extra security tools to protect your data and applications.

Managed and Unmanaged Options

Offers both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting, catering to both tech-savvy users who want full control and those who prefer the provider to manage the server.

Dedicated Customer Support

Access to knowledgeable support teams, ensuring that any technical issues or queries are addressed.

Specialized Services provides some extra services. such as managed hosting, dedicated IP addresses, or advanced security options.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Windows VPS is a Virtual Private Server running on the Windows operating system. It offers dedicated resources and isolation like a physical server but is more cost-effective and scalable.
It's ideal for businesses or individuals that use Windows-based applications, require a familiar Windows interface, or need specific Windows functionalities for their hosting needs.
The main difference lies in the operating system. Windows VPS is suitable for software that specifically requires the Windows OS, while Linux VPS is often preferred for its open-source nature and lower cost.
Yes, one of the advantages of a VPS is scalability. You can easily upgrade resources like CPU, RAM, and storage as per your requirements.
Yes, when properly managed, Windows VPS can be highly secure. Regular updates, security patches from Microsoft, and proper configuration play crucial roles in ensuring security.
You can access it via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which provides a graphical interface to manage your server remotely.

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